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My Wife
 - Patti -
Truly one of the sweetest and most beautiful women in the world.

Our Daughter-in-Law
- Mandi -
(Brent's Wife)

Our Daughter-in-Law
- Shawna -
(Jordan's Wife and mother of our Grand-children)

Our Grand-son
- Jordan -

AKA "Tasmanian Devil"

Our Grand-daughter
- Alayna -

Our Grand-dog
- Dozer -

(Bull Dog)

Our Grand-dog
- Murphy -

(Jack Russel)


I use
JBL Speakers... enough said.



The Sennheiser Wireless Monitor along with the Westone Dual Driver Ear Pieces give
me a consistent sound reference regardless of the room's acoustics or the level of crowd noise.  This has become very important to me, where as I can provide a comfortable volume for any room, large or small, but still hear the volume I need to feel the music.

Boss DR5

This little gem is tucked away in the back of my equipment rack.  I use it mostly for bass guitar sounds but it has great drum and synth sounds as well.

Yamaha DTXpress

This is the set Brent or Jared use for laying down the drum tracks.  As for me, I'll just stick with the guitar.

M-Audio Axiom 49

This is a relatively inexpensive midi keyboard / controller but it does the job.  I use it to play all other instruments including Strings, Horns, Piano and more in to my song mixes.  It gives me complete control of my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and allows me to access any of my three sound processors quickly and easily. 

My software is Sonar 8.5 Producer from Cakewalk.  This is a powerful Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) which allows me to go from an idea to a professional sounding finished song with little effort. 

When I perform, I use Music Creator 5 on my laptop.  This a stripped down version of the Sonar Software.