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The Yamaha EMX5016cf is a 16 channel powered stereo mixer with 1000 watts of power (500 watts per side).  More than enough for what I do.  It has a 9 band Equalizer and a variety of different effects.  In addition to the basic powered mixer stuff, it has some very cool features like 'Automatic Feedback Suppression' and 'Auto EQ'.  

Sound, of course, starts with the guitar.  But if you play directly through the PA like me, you need a great guitar processor.  The PODxt Pro, by Line 6, is the ticket.  It emulates several vintage guitar amps, effects pedals and has great tone.  Even the tube amp die-hards are impressed and thats no easy task.  Combined with the FBV Short Board below, you have complete control.  I also use it's kidney bean shaped little brother (PODxt) in my studio.



Art PS 4x4 Power Supply

Provides clean power, protection and light for my equipment rack.

Alesis DM5 Drum Module

The source of all my drum sounds.

EMU Proteus 1000 Keyboard Processor

All other sounds.  (Piano, Keyboard, horns, strings, etc.)

dbx 215 Graphic Equalizer

I use this to adjust the sound of my monitors.